Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

EVP Assistant v1.0 - Noise Generator - Free

EVP Assistant was designed by Mark Andrew Turner of the EVP Research Association UK as a basic noise generator for use with Electronic Voice Phenomena experiments. The featured noises can be played through your desktop PC or laptop speakers as a carrier sound for inter frequency experiments. The featured noises are white noise, pink noise, brown noise, waterfall and Spiricom. EVP Assistant is a flash based program that allows you to play the featured noises alone or together in any combination for 30 minutes at a time.
The Spiricom noise was taken from original recordings by George Meek and William O'Neil. Due to the frequency of this noise, we do not recommend listening to it for long periods of time. The Spiricom noise fades out then back in again every 30 seconds, this goes on continually for 30 minutes and was designed this way because the noise can be quite exhausting to listen to. Combining the Spiricom noise with other noises featured in EVP Assistant can make for some interesting experiments.
EVP Assistant can downloaded free by clicking the download link on the right. If you use this application, we would be grateful if you could donate towards the EVP Research Association UK. Please use the 'EVP Assistant Donate' button on the right. All proceeds go towards towards the EVP Research Association UK's continuous study of EVP.
Program Information
File Size: 5.4mb
System Requirements: Macromedia/Adobe Flash, Speakers
Unzip using Winrar, then double click evp_assistant_v1.exe to open the application. Please read the 'read me' file before using EVP Assistant, and always remember to back up your system so you don't have to rely on data recovery services.

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